How to Design Custom Furniture

Whenever I have an interior design vision, I turn to Ultimate Living - custom furniture to bring it to life. Whether I want to redesign my current space or move into another house, I know exactly what I need, and that’s furniture that’s typically me. Rather than search fruitlessly for that ideal piece, I prefer to design my own tailor-made furniture. The good thing is that I can have the furniture built precisely to my style and space needs. My personal style will play a huge role in the outcome, and I can literally sit back and enjoy my creation. 

The process begins by measuring the room in which the furniture is going to occupy so that I can work with the available space. I will then sit down with my designer and discuss my needs. I will bring some drawings with me to try and convey what I want in a piece of furniture. We then start discussing shapes, colors, and textures. The most important thing is to ensure that my vision fits with the existing décor. For instance, the color of my floor is going to determine the perfect color of my new piece of furniture. 

I also need to choose the best frame for my new furniture. Even though the frame will not be visible, it will give the piece of furniture its shape. I love classic lines because I’m a bit conservative but the end result will not be old fashioned. When it comes to the material, I prefer kiln-dried wood because it will not warp or bow because of its very dry character. It also provides a very sturdy frame. Choosing the upholstery can be a daunting task but I’m thankful for my wife because she knows a thing or two about fabrics. Once we decide on the materials and color, it doesn’t take long for my vision to come true.